Secrets of Asgard

Secrets of Asgard

At Valhöll's Doors

Study of the Northern tradition involves both the Runes and the myths. They constitute the woods through which wanders a certain spiritual path. As a guide in exploring this landscape of mystery is offered a book and talks at regular intervals.

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Talks & WorkshopsPosted by Draumskald Fri, June 08, 2012 18:47
Shamanic Gathering
Warriors of the Round Table 2012

15-16-17 June 2012

Kesselberg, Kessel-lo

A workshop will be given on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon on making your own set of runes.
Clay will be provided and there will be an oven to bake the clay.
Information will be given on each of the runes as well as guidelines for rune casting.

The Shamanic Gathering is an initiative by Aldric Huysmans and Els Debarbrieux.
Many workshops will be offered over the course of the weekend.

Start of the weekend is 15 June, 5pm.

Kesselberg, Kessel-lo

Free entry