Secrets of Asgard

Secrets of Asgard

At Valhöll's Doors

Study of the Northern tradition involves both the Runes and the myths. They constitute the woods through which wanders a certain spiritual path. As a guide in exploring this landscape of mystery is offered a book and talks at regular intervals.

London Allthing Workshop

Talks & WorkshopsPosted by Draumskald Thu, November 28, 2013 00:00

radical rune workshop

Saturday December 7 2013
12pm until 5pm

Do you want to know the future, or understand the past? Ask the Spirits about love, happiness, true Norse magic, or the mysteries of Creation? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have a rare opportunity to get real answers. Flying in from Holland, this young rune adept, trained by Freya Aswynn herself, will be holding a unique one day workshop in old London town. Group meditation, Futhark analysis, as well as collective pathworkings towards the source of rune-energy, will be gifted to those lucky enough to get a seat. As a fundraising event, we will ask for £5 as an entry fee, while private consultations will be priced at £10 per adult. Cider and Russian love cakes will be served.

23 Goodge Street, London