Secrets of Asgard

Secrets of Asgard

At Valhöll's Doors

Study of the Northern tradition involves both the Runes and the myths. They constitute the woods through which wanders a certain spiritual path. As a guide in exploring this landscape of mystery is offered a book and talks at regular intervals.

FUTHARK the Celtic link

Talks & WorkshopsPosted by Draumskald Wed, February 15, 2012 17:50
The Atlantis Bookshop Presents...
The Moot With No Name

- a talk by Vincent Ongkowidjojo -
- author of Secrets of Asgard -

FUTHARK : The Celtic link

One of the most enigmatic aspects of the Ancient Germanic rune alphabet is its very origin. Where did it come from? Who designed it? Why was it designed in the first place?
But the invention of the Futhark does not stand isolated in Europe. Cannot the early history of the Ogham alphabet help answer some of these intruiging questions?
The early history of both alphabets is discussed as well as parallels drawn and cross-influences marked.

at the Devereux Arms
on Wednesday 6 June 2012
8pm £5

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